A Diamond In The Rough

This is something that all carbon forms share, but I am different!

I know that there is a lot of carbon in the world... well it's everywhere and we all have the atomic number 6 and the atomic mass of 12.0107 amu, but I'm different and i'll tell you why.

Usually carbon is found in the form of graphite and is commonly used for fuel (like with charcoal and oil), but i am a rare gem. I am a diamond in the rough.   

This is a rap to show how special I am!

The Carbon Rap

To the left that diamond's me. I'm carbon with the atomic number C. I'm not found as commonly as the graphite beside me. While others are used as fuel, I am just a decorative jewel.

It might look like graphite has a metallic shine, but being metallic is not a trait of mine. Graphite can range from black to grey, while diamonds are as clear as day. Graphite and charcoal will crumble at touch, when destroying diamonds nothing is too much. Not many people acknowledge my toil, I'm just not as useful as crude oil.   

Carbon is the base to any elemental mix, but since it doesn't react there won't be many conflicts. Carbon can bond with almost every element and to name just three would be completely irrelevant. And unless you've miraculously gone blind, you'll see that carbon forms more compounds than all the elements combined.  BAM!

These are some compounds that include other carbon atoms.

I feel special beside all other forms of carbon. Take methane, ethane and propane. The only thing they can make is fire and destruction, but I take something worthless and make it beautiful.  

Worthless coals to pretty gems.

I am PROUD to be different!
A Diamond In The Rough.


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Written by: Alchin, L.K.

Last updated (if found): March 1 2012.

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Uploaded on 30 Jan 2012

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