Physical Therapist

By: Timarques Samuel

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Quick Facts: Physical Therapists

2012 Median Pay

$79,860 per year

$38.39 per hour

Entry-Level Education

Doctoral or professional degree

Work Experience in a Related Occupation


On-the-job Training


Number of Jobs, 2012


Job Outlook, 2012-22

36% (Much faster than average)

Employment Change, 2012-22


Services typically include:

  • Teaching new ways of approaching tasks
  • How to break down activities into achievable components e.g. sequencing a complex task like cooking a complex meal.
  • Comprehensive home and job site evaluations with adaptation recommendations.
  • Performance skills assessments and treatment.
  • Adaptive equipment recommendations and usage training.
  • Environmental adaptation including provision of equipment or designing adaptations to remove obstacles or make them manageable
  • Guidance to family members and caregivers.
  • The use of creative media as therapeutic activity

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