Life on the Frontier

the western frontier

American History 7th period

By: Cameron Thomas

December 12, 2014

Top Ten

#1 Manifest Destiny- Since the United States was getting bigger, the people in it started to think they had a special purpose. The idea of manifest destiny is that the united states was supposed to expand from sea to sea. They thought the county would become a symbol of freedom.

#2 Oregon Trail- the Oregon Trail was one of the most desirable lands. People were having economic problems in the east so that made moving to Oregon seem like an even better idea. the president at the time, James K. Polk wanted them to move  west because of the idea of Manifest Destiny.

#3 Louisiana Purchase- The Spanish sols all their land west of the Mississippi river to France who wanted an empire in America. France needed money for a war with England so they sold all of their land to America while Thomas Jefferson was in office for $15 million. This purchase doubled the size of the United States.

#4 California Gold Rush- In 1848 Gold was discovered in California. People from all over the world came to California in 1849 to search for gold. They were not trained gold miners so very few people got rich.

#5 Mexican-American War- Because of the idea of Manifest destiny President Polk wanted America to old the land that mexico he tried to buy it from Mexico but hey wouldn't give it up so he decided to provoke Mexico by sending his army into that land. When Mexico attacked them he finally had a reason to Go to war with Mexico over the land

#6 the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo- The treaty was signed in 1848 and it was the treaty that ended the Mexican American War. This made the idea of Manifest Destiny a reality. Another small purchase called the Gadsden Purchase that went along with it made America the size it is today.

#7 Lewis and Clark Expedition- Thomas Jefferson chose Lewis and Clark to explore the new land from the Louisiana purchase. While they were exploring they were helped by many native Americans but one named Sacagawea actually joined there group as a navigator.

#8 The Alamo-  when the Mexican dictator arrived at the battle of San Antonio he found a small force of soldiers in a building called the Alamo. It took Mexico twelve days to beat the Texan but they fought and killed every single Texan soldier and it was a very sad defeat for Texans and made them more determined to get there independence from Mexico.

#9 Thomas Jefferson- Thomas Jefferson won his presidential election by 1 vote against john Adams. Jefferson was a supporter of Limited Government. Thomas Jefferson was the President that purchased the Louisiana Purchase from the French. He wanted his citizens to be able to do as they choose.

#10 President Jackson-  President Jackson was the American dream. he started from a simple shack and he ended up in the white house. He fought in the war of 1812 and he earned the name Old Hickory because he was tough as nails.



George Washington became the first president of the United States in April 30,1789. George Washington was a great military leader before he became president. He wanted America to have a powerful national government. The people wanted him to be king for life.

John Adams beat Thomas Jefferson for presidency in the election of 1796. He was always participating in public service.He gt involved involved in other countries affair and ended up getting really offended. this caused him to make a law that said he could put any immigrant in jail which some people opposed.

George Washington farewell address in September 1796. The people of the United states wanted Washington be king for life but he turned it down. when he was leaving office he gave a farewell speech informing the country how govern itself correctly.

Thomas Jefferson became president in Election of 1800. Jefferson wanted to reduce the size and power of the government. the people wanted Jefferson to stay president to but he followed the guidelines of Washington's farewell address and stepped down from office.

Louisiana Purchase was made in 1803. The Louisiana purchase was a purchase made by Thomas Jefferson that doubles the size of the united states. He got the land from the french who sold it to finance a war with England.

James Madison is elected President in 1808. Madison started of his presidency with a relationship that wasn't good between America and England. when England attacked an American ship and killer three crew members America was mad.

James Madison became the first president to ask for war in 1812. When three crew members were killed on an American ship that England attacked James Madison asked the government to declare war on England.

England burned down the white house in 1814. After war was declared on England England went on the attack. In order to make America discouraged England marched into Washington D.C. and burned down the white house.

James Monroe is re-elected president starting the era of good feeling in 1820. James Monroe was one of the most loved presidents by the people. He toured the nation and when he was re-elected he won the vote by a huge amount.

William Henry Harrison is elected president in 1820- William Henry Harrison was a war leader. His main military battles were against the Native Americans.

Biographical Summary

April 30,1789, was when President Washington stepped into office. He was the first president of the United States. Since he was the first president, he knew that what he did in office what be a guideline of how other presidents were supposed to do. he had to be a role model to other presidents. He spent the beginning of his time trying to collect enough money so America Could pay of the debt from the Revolutionary war He had to fix America's economy. His taxes that he put on certain goods made people angry and rebellions started to grow. Washington had to stop those rebellions by showing the military will respond to violence with force. Washington wanted america to stay neutral, which means to not get involved in other countries problems or affairs.Washington also wanted the government to remain powerful, and those that opposed him wanted a weak government. Washington ended being a great president. the people wanted him to stay in office forever and become king for life but he turned it down. America had fought against England to get free from a king and he didn't want to become one. He gave a farewell speech as he stepped down from office saying how America should govern themselves. He wanted them to stay out of other countries affairs so they didn't make enemies they didn't need. He also didn't want people to form political parties sot he government could stay of the same page.

News Paper Article
Debt from the Revolutionary War

The United States was in debt from the revolutionary war. The new President, George Washington is trying to help the economy by adding taxes to goods but not everyone liked that idea. the southerners didn't have much debt so they were in complete disagreement with those plans. Some people started to rebel. People started to not pay there taxes and have riots. Some of those riots became violent. to calm some of the riots in the south Alexander Hamilton, to make them happy, he put the capital of the United States in the south. The capital is now in Washington D.C.. The riots still went on when they started to become violent. when they became violent George Washington had to put an end to them. Washington took his army and crushed all of the violent rebellions. This made it know that Washington was serious about stopping rebellions. The rebellions may have stopped but the united states was still in debt. England and France were in another war and the United states was hoping that they could stay out of it.if they had gotten into another war they would have had even more debt, which may have completely destroyed the economy. they would have added even more taxes and there would be another wave of rebellions that Washington would have to defeat. this made him realize that the U.S. should stay out of other countries affairs.

R.I.P our beloved President George Washington.

George Washington was a great military leader and the first president of the United States. He was married to Martha Washington, and his parents were Augustine and Mary Bell Washington. George had 6 siblings. he had many great victories in the continental army and commander. He also help set up a new Continental Congress in Philadelphia. George Washington was born on February 22, 1732 and died on December 14, 1799.

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3- number of Wars George Washington fought in

1850- about the year the industrial revolution starts

1804- Year Lewis and Clark started Expedition

1793- year cottin gin was invented

3- number of people in the Xyz affair

6- number of kids thomas Jefferson had

1796- year President Jackson was elected

1803- year Louisiana purchase was made

25,000- the most amount of immagrants that traveled the oregon trail in 1 year

1846- year the Mexican American War started


The Alamo was a battle was fought between the Texans and the Mexicans. The Texans had a cannon and the Mexicans wanted to take it. The Texans mocked them and told the Mexicans to come and get it and they attacked. The Mexican forces led by Santa Anna attacked the small force of Texan soldiers. The Mexican  forces contained about 2,400 soldiers against somewhere around 200 Texan volunteers.The Texan army didn't just crush the small force of untrained soldiers even though they had way more numbers. the Texan soldiers had a lot to fight for because they were under the rule of an unfair dictator. After a twelve day battle the Mexican forces won. They had no mercy and killed all of the Texan soldiers. This battle sparked a fire in the Texan Army. People everywhere started to join the army and the members hat were already there had another reason to fight hard against the Mexicans. After that battle the general Sam Houston, led a surprise attack on the Mexican army. As they fought the soldiers yelled remember the Alamo because it was a sad defeat for Texas. Even though it was a sad defeat it turned out to give Texas that extra energy and encouragement to take down Santa Anna. They captured Santa Anna in the battle and they made him sign a treaty recognizing the independence of Texas.

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