By: Lauren Destefano

A Book Of Mystery and Romantic As They Fight For Their Life

Every Person Has Their Own Path They Will Take

Rhine (Protagonist)

A women that is only trying to help her and the people who she loves before time running out.

Rowen (Rhine's twin brother)

A brother that will do anything to take away of the sister that he though he lost. Until he finds the truth of things that he could never imagine to be true.

House Master Vaughn (Protagonist)

A man that is obsessed with finding a cure for this virus that will take the only thing he has away. But the researcher only is making i harder for anyone to trust him... Until he makes the greatest discovery known to mankind.


If only there was enough time to save every person you loved and cared about. Sometimes the amount of time you have just isn't enough to save them.


The theme of the story is to live your life like you its your last day, to love and not worry about the little things. The main character has to learn these things as she has to make her journey to find her brother before its too late.


The mood of this book is a balance between hopeful and suspenseful. As her search goes on to find her brother she finds other obstacles that only makes the finding harder but she soon finds out everything happens for a reason.

Quote From The Book

"Creepy and elegant, shocking and romantic, dreadful and rewarding, and delivers unexpected twists. It'll leave you longing for book two." (Lisa McMann, New York Times bestselling author of the WAKE trilogy and CRYER'S CROSS)


I would recommend this book to people that like the type of book that is futuristic. People who also like books such as the Hunger Games and other dystopian books.

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