Steam locomotive

By:Sára Magyárová,Nikola Brančíková,Kateřina Kalivodová

Steam locomotive in the older language also parovůz.

Is independent traction rail vehicle, powered by a steam engine.

Which represented the mid-19th century to the mid 20th century, the most important type of drive vehicles (locomotives) for railways.


James Wattem-invented the steam locomotive.

The first car, a moving force of steam, constructed-officer J.Cugnot

In 1769th.

The first steam locomotive moving on rails constructed by Richard Trevithick in the year, 1804.

The most important designer but became George Stephenson-engaged since 1814th.

Later, he constructed a machine, for example, Locomotion, who gave the name of locomotives and especially the famous Rocket which reached a speed of 32.5 km / h.

These were mainly the construction of the boiler with hot gas pipes, this principle is maintained for boilers of steam locomotives today.

Steam locomotives were important, sometimes even the main prop of many works.