Heaven on Earth

"The only place where a child of God feels safe, where he can hide. Where every prayer comes with a tear, whether of happiness or grief. The only place where he can say everything will be okay."

Its magnificence, cannot be denied as every one who passes along Commonwealth Avenue corner Central Avenue in Quezon cannot not look upon this palace looking Temple. Not just a temple, but a temple of God. Ever since I was a child, it was already my dream even just to step on marble of floors of the Iglesia Ni Cristo Central Temple. Even beyond my wildest dreams, was to be choir member in Templo Central. I didn't even knew where the gate was and I was afraid that I will get lost once I had the chance to enter it.

It was until before college, when I decided to attend college at New Era University. I was very excited to study in the Church's own university. But on top of that, I was more looking forward on transferring to the Temple.

June 12, 2013. This is it! I am finally stepping into the Central Temple and attending a worship service there for the very first time. Entering the lobby was already an awe and my jaw literally dropped as I entered the main nave. I can't even find the right words to even come close in describing the Temple. I thought that was it. But God had me surprised when after a month of waiting in the lists of choir members who are transferees from other locales, I already got the news that I will continue praising God through hymn-singing during worship services in the Central Temple. It was too much. More than too much even. And up to now, God continues to uphold me in fulfilling this duty that I will forever grasp tightly no matter what happens.