Choosing Between an Iowa Preschool or Daycare

An Iowa day care or a preschool, what you think should be the better choice for your kid? If he has been happily attending his daycare for a year and you think now is the time to graduate to a preschool or if he has spent his first year at home and now you are scouting the available options to choose the right daycare or preschool! Though many parents have the notion that the benefits of a preschool outweigh those of the daycares – but that is not necessarily a fact. This is because both daycare centers and preschools operate under a guideline that is more or less the same and it is also the same state agencies those regulate and license them. Nowadays many Connecticut daycare centersalso offer a range of learning activities for better preparing kids for kindergarten and follow a curriculum that is also similar to a good preschool. Moreover there is also not much difference in the cost of sending your child to a daycare or a preschool. So any one of them can be a good choice for your child but at the same time there are a few other factors those you should also be considering.

Daily hours

Compared to a daycare,a preschool generally has shorter daily hours and also remains closed on holidays and weekends. But as daycare centers primarily focus on catering to the need of working parents they not only stay open much longer than the preschools but are also most likely to stay open all around the year. When it comes to flexibility of hours then daycare centers are obviously better choices for many of them as they will also allow you to personalize the schedule as per your exact requirements.


When it comes to selecting between a CT preschool and a daycare, age of your child is another factor that you are also required to include in the decision making process. There is no strict age restriction for the daycares and from wee infants to grade school going kids – all can be admitted there. This means in a daycare your kid will get a chance to interact and socialize with children of different ages. But children aged between two to five are generally eligible for preschool admission and they are also separated in different age groups in a classroom learning system.

But when it comes to learning, better preschools like Apple tree preschoolare consideredto be more learning oriented and also base their teaching to a certain particular approach. Preschool teachers and stuffs are also required to have some formal training and minimum required experience. There are advantages of both of them those can certainly benefit your kid but always make sure that whatever you choose, the program must not only be best suitable for your child but your kid also need to be enjoying that.

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