Japan, A Peice of Artwork

Japanese Noble

In this series of blogs, I will be talking to you about Japan, and it's artistic side.

Japanese Nobles Create Great Art

Have you ever wondered why Japan is like it is now? Well, when the emperor went to Heian, the nobles followed the emperor. They created the Imperial Court so that they could be closer to the emperor. Anyway, they were great supporters of artwork. That also loved beauty and elegance. Because of these nobles, Japan entered its Golden Age Of Art, which lasted 794-1185B.C.    

Fashion- from ancient times to modern fashion etiquette.

    The nobles needed some inspiration for their elegance. That is why their robes had gems and silk. Now in modern times, fashion has changed.

As you can see in this photo, fashion is now more out there, but not in expensive terms. Many Japanese women incorporate flowers in their outfits today. In fact most Japanese Women get married in a Kimono, which is normally decorated with floral designs.


To some literature is considered a form of art. Japan thought so to. They took great pride in their writing to make sure it looked its best.  Interesting Factoid, most astounding prices of writing were done by Japanese women, due to the fact that most Japanese men wrote in Chinese.

Visual Art

Japan produced a lot of visual art. You can easily tell that Japan had its own unique style. Japan produced many paintings,sculptures, and literature. Perhaps their most famous type of artwork was caligrouphy.


Japan's architecture was much like that of China's, but had gentle Japanese touches in the design. The designs were just like that of Chang'an, the Capitol of China at the time. Buildings were often made of wood, and most of the roofs were made of tiles.

Performing Arts

Japan had many different performing arts. People would come to watch jugglers, singers,dancers,and actors.


In Japan, many of the religious practices cost money and time. Buddhism became popular due to this. The most popular for of Buddhism was Pure land because it was entirely free

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