Earth, Moon, and Sun

By: Samantha Hughes

Earth in Space

Section 1: Q1-How does earth move in space?

                            Earth moves in 2 different ways - Rotation and Revolution. Rotation is        the spinning of earths axis. Revolution is the movement of one object around another.      It takes about 24 hours for the earth to rotate.

Q2-What causes the cycle of seasons on Earth?

The yearly cycle of the seasons is caused by the tilt of Earths axis as is moves around the sun.

Gravity and Motion.

Q1-What determines the strength of gravity between two objects?

                           The strength of gravity between two object is distance. The force of gravity decreases rapidly as distance increases. The force of gravity holds the earth and moon together.

Q2-What two factors combine to keep the Moon and Earth in orbit?

Phases, Eclipses, and Tides.

                             Inertia and Gravity keep earth and moon in orbit.

Q1-What causes the phases of the moon?

   Phases of the moon depends on the position of the Moon, Sun, and Earth. The phases of the moon you see depends on how much the sunlight side of the moon faces earth.

Q2-What is Solar and Lunar Eclipses?

A Solar Eclipses occurs when a new moon blocks your view of the sun. A Lunar Eclipses               occurs at full moon when earth is directly between the moon and sun.

Q3-What causes the Tides?

Tides are caused depending on how much moon gravity pulls on different parts of the earth.

Earths Moon.

Q1-What features are found on the moons surface?

                          Some features are maria, craters, and highlands.

Q2-What are some characteristics of the moon?

                                            The moon is dry and airless.

Q3-How did the moon form?

      Scientist theorize that a planet-sized object collided with earth to form the moon.

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