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I think this photo shows teamwork because the puppy's are helping the mum pick up the baby

i edited this on pixlr i made the puppies and the mum in colour

I edited this on pixlr, I made the mum and the puppies in color because i think they are the main thing on the picture showing teamwork.

i made a game about some one telling someone else jokes, you can make your own jokes and insert them in there boxes.

you don't really score anything.

i made this chair on sketch up, it was really difficult and i wouldn't try it again.
i made this house on sweet home 3d, i liked this game because it was really fun and easy, but i think my house looks weird
i did this on tinker cad it is a sqaure with the first letter of my name on it. tinker cad was pretty easy but i stuggled abit with stuff

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2 years ago