6 Traits Of Writing
By: Vernice Angelie Amagan

Idea is.....
. Message or theme  
- Focused           
-Detail Specific   
      -Showing and telling

The light bulb represent how writers comes up of bright ideas for their stories.

Organization is......
. Organization is structure
- Compare/contrast  
-Time Square              
- Etc...                        
.Engages reader with opening + conclusion

This graphic organizer represents how you organize the story. By main ideas to details, topics to subtopics.

Word Choice
Word choice is the precise colorful language that communicates,moves, and enlightens the reader.

This picture represent the girl thinking of other words rather than " good ".

Sentence Fluency
Sentence Fluency is rhythm and flow of the language
. Varied in length  
.Creative phrasing
    .word order to make 
reading feel natural.

This river represent how the sentences flow. Some sentence flows good, some doesn't. Some are just horrible.

-Individual ( expressiveness )    
- writer's attitude about subject
. Writer's fingerprints on a page

This microphone represent people's voice. People has different voices.


Conventions are the mechanics of writing.

- Grammar    

- Punctuation  

- Spelling        

- Paragraphing

This pencil represent the conventions, because in order to write you need a pencil.

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