The Ku Klux Klan

By: Andrew Clement and Nick Dunlap

The Ku klux klan arose during the early 1920s based around the ideology that whites were superior to other races. Their bias was also against Jews, and Roman Catholics.

The klan grew in the years after World War One, preaching discrimination against African Americans, Jews, Catholics, and immigrants.

The klan claimed to control 24 of the 48 states' legislature in 1924. At this point, it contained around three million members. It even helped to elect 16 U. S. Senators and numerous local officials.

The leader of the klan was imprisoned on sexual assault charges. This was followed by the prosecution of many klan-supported politicians on corruption charges. Many members then abandoned the organization. By 1930, the klan had only 45,000 members in the entire nation.

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