The Rise of Industry

US becomes worlds leading industrial nation!

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The Rise of Industry: Although the Industrial Revolution began in the early 1800s, most americans still lived on farms. After the Civil war, industry rapidly expanded and millions of Americans left their farms to work in mines and factories. Factories began to replace smaller workshops as complex machinery began to substitute hand tools. In 1924 the Nations gross national product was eight times greater than it was in 1865, the US in the late 1800s becomes the worlds leading industrial nation.

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Edison's first commercial lightbulb symbolizes one of many inventions created in the late 1800s. New inventions and technologies were important in improving the nation's productivity, communications networks, and transportation. New inventions helped bring about the rise of industry.

Political cartoon

Titled "The Consumer Consumed" this cartoon shows a shopper who is told that if he buys domestic goods, he has to pay extra money to trusts (monopolies), and if he buys foreign goods, he has to pay extra money to the government.

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