Greek Mythology- Theseus

The seagull tells Theseus to leave. The seagull tells him where to go. He pull the sword from the stone so everyone thinks he is a god. Which he is but half human too. He is very excited to go on this journey to visit king Aegeus.

He has nobody that helps him through his journey except the seagull. He uses the strength of others to defeat them. He was very small. All the boys were bigger than him. But he used there strength to beat them. Then he pulled the sword from the stone.

He runs into 4 giants through the woods. Each at different parts of the woods on the journey. He heard stories of these creatures before. Each of the giants he defeated, he used there strength to overcome/beat them. But each monster had a weapon. He killed them with their very own weapon after he got hold of them. Each of the giants he defeated he took their weapons. He did it all on his own. By doing that he used their strength.

Fighting the minotaur. Killing the princess brother to end all the madness. He is scared but part of him is brave which means he knows he has to fight this challenge. Saving everybody peace and knowing the minotaur is dead is what means to him.

He is released from the kingdom. With all the hostages with him. He takes back the princess with him to Athens along with the king wife and he becomes the king of Athens. His greatness. Defeating the giants and killing the minotaur and becoming king. Making everything better.

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