Interesting Islands of the World

Anna and Andrea

Easter Island

Location: Chile; South-Eastern Pacific Ocean

Geography:3 Extinct Volcanoes, covered by grass and shrubs.

Climate: 57-72 degrees farenheit; semi-tropical with minimal seasonal variation

History: Settled in 800-1200 AD by Chile. The famous heads were created by the Polynesians.

Island of the Dolls

Location: Canals of Xochimico, south of Mexico City

Geography: Island is a "chinampa;' fertile, tropical plants and minimal wildlife

Climate: Tropical, with hot summers and mild winters

History: sole inhabitant- Don Julian Santa. Found dead girl in the canal, devoted life to warding off evil and pleasing her ghost by hanging dolls.

Alcatraz Island

Location: San Francisco, California; Pacific Ocean

Geography: Hilly island in the bay of San Francisco

Climate: 45-75 degrees farenheit; mild climate

History: Was used as a federal prison, currently closed.

Floating Islands of Titicaca

Location: Puno, Peru; Lake Titicaca

Geography: No trees, 6 miles in length, and made of Toroso reeds.

Climate: 50-57 degrees Fahrenheit all year round.

History: The Uros tribe has been known to have lived on the floating reed islands since the Incan civilizations. It's known as the cradle of civilization of the Incan empire.

North Sentinel Island

Location: Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal (Northeastern Indian Ocean)

Geography: 28 square miles, low lying and heavily forested, surrounded by vast marine ecosystem

Climate: Tropical climate; prone to tropical storms (moonsoons, tsnunamis). Generally warm temperatures year round.

History: Sentinels tribe: hunter gatherers/cannibals, isolated, 60,000+ year old tribe

Socotra Island

Location: Socotra, Yemen; Indian Ocean

Geography: Known for its diversity: beaches, limestone caves, and huge mountains and over 700 flora/fauna found nowhere else on earth.

Climate: Tropical desert; influenced by Indian Ocean Monsoon

History: 540 BC- Christian frankincense banned, economic downfall; struggling ever since

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