Learning the Craft, Ian Renner of New York

Ian Renner of New York is a graduate of the New York Academy of Film. He graduated from this institution in 1986 and it is one of the most unique and advanced programs in the country in this field. Of course at the time that he chose the institution, there were many choices to select from and many programs that had a hallmark of excellence that came along with them.

At the end of the day he chose to stay as close as possible to his home city of New York. One of the things that he enjoyed most about his educational background in the field was the immersion into the world of film that was total and complete. He had the opportunity and the requirement to have produced, written and directed an entire film time after time in the process of getting to graduation. Students often worked individually and were also quite pleased to be able to work together in small groups on certain projects. Classmates certainly got a very interesting experience working in collaboration and in a focused program that was built for the benefit of each student.

Ian Renner New York also had the opportunity to work on editing, camerawork and other technical aspects of the production crew. Students were also exposed to access to industry veterans who shared their stories and insight onto how the business was done. Many mentor ships and stories of success have come out of this institution and he is very proud of the quality of educational background that he received there. He advises aspiring students to find a school that suits their needs and is thorough in exposing the entire film process during the course of studies.

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