Final Solution - Anti-Semitism

Anti-Semitism is the hostility towards or prejudice against those of the jewish party. I chose this word because It focuses on the main group of people being executed by Hitler in order for a "better" world during WWII. Hitler convinced most of the German population that the jews were a terrible party responsible for all trouble in Germany and that they must die. In attempt to fulfill this goal, Hitler and the Nazis put the jews through hell to get them to leave Germany and eventually put them in concentration camps to kill them himself.

The "Striped Pajamas"

I chose this picture because these are the outfits the nazis chose for all the jews to wear at any concentration camp or ghetto after the nazis took away their clothes away.

The Star of David

I chose this picture, because this is the Star of David, and this was required to be worn by all jews over their "pajamas" at any concentration camp or ghetto.

The Execution of Jews

I chose this video because it explains the procedures taken by the nazis in order to mass kill the jews in the concentration camp Auschwitz.

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