Disfigured Dolls

Disfigured Dolls,Howard Period 8,November 4,2013

A girl without a bell to ring to her name.

A girl of little friends who always seem to make her smile.

A girl whose own mind is blanketed by witchcraft and the dark arts.

Is this me

She locks herself away from the rest of the world, to watch it wither away.

Sitting in a run down chair whose paint has been scraped and cut.

Watching the man on the screen disfiguring the dolls of guilty people.

A girl, dead or alive

Not even the purest of souls would ring the bell to call her.

Because she herself would gladly tell you anything, but not everything.

A girl inside her shell.

Inside her emotionless eyes.

Inside her twisted mind...

are the dolls she keeps in her room with the eyes gouged out of their sockets.

Their arms torn out and their legs disfigured.

They remind her of herself.

Not everything is perfect in others eyes.

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