All I wanted was...

an invitation to the poker table

someone to talk to

a healthy back and life without pain

a life like my father

to speak up for myself

But I didn't want...

an obligation to others

someone who didn't listen

labor that would break me

a life of discrimination

to be threatened with lynching

Character Development

In this section, you will need to explain how the character develops over the course of the text. To do this, choose 3 facts about your character that tell the readers something about their inner life other characters in the book wouldn't automatically know about them. For example, people wouldn't automatically know that Curley's wife had disagreements with her mother, or that George is not actually related to Lennie. This section should be at least three sentences.

Character Interactions

In this section, choose three other characters from the novel that your character interacts with (talks to or has a scene with them). For each character you choose, write one sentence explaining how your character treats that person. Then write a fourth sentence that explains the differences in how they treat people and what it tells us as readers. Do they always treat everyone the same? Do they treat some people better than others? Why do they do that? What does it tell us about who they are as a character? This section should be four sentences.

For this section, choose EITHER

How that character develops the theme OR how the character affects the plot

Write a final statement about how this character either adds to the overall theme or affects the plot. This section should be a minimum of three sentences. Examples from the text are great!

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