The 9/11 Change

Life before and after 9/11


                                                            Generic drugs and India


                                                      Advancing toward the age of Technology


                                 The horror of two planes crashing into the Twin Towers


                                   Missing people posters for 9/11 firefighters

                                     Our military response to the terrorist attacks


                             Our preparations and actions towards terrorism


First picture: "Selling Cheap 'Generic' Drugs, India's Copycats Irk Industry" by Donald G. McNeil Jr, published December 1, 2000

Second picture: "Online Courses to Improve Teacher Technology Skills" by Rebecca S. Weiner, published April 25, 2001

Third picture: "Plane Crashes Collapse World Trade Center" by Terence Neilan, published September 11, 2001

Fourth picture: "Firefighters Dash Into Towers; Many Do Not Return" by Edward Wong and Jane Fritsch, published September 9, 2001

Fifth picture: "The War Against America; The National Defense, published September 12, 2001

Sixth picture: U.S Strategy to Fight Terrorism Increasingly Uses Proxies" by Eric Scmitt, published May 29, 2014

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