Everything is a remix part 3

Is everything a copy or do we use other peoples work as inspiration?

I believe that we have reached a point where we cannot help but use other peoples work for inspiration.  Peoples ideas are limited so we have to look to other people for ideas of what to do or what we can do.  It is almost impossible to do something today without looking for inspiration or even coming up with something original.

Is it ok to copy?

No its not but I believe it is ok to get inspiration from something.  Just look at the most famous books or movies.  It can even be a chain of copying or inspiration.  Harry Potter could copy from Lord of the Rings, The Hunger Games could copy from Harry Potter and so on.  But look at those three book/movies I just mentioned and none of them have the same exact plot.  Everything is a remix, not a copy.  The world only has limited original ideas.  In 100 years would we still sue people for maybe using a similar beat to a song, because if that were the case the world would be a boring place.

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