Battle of Brown's Mill

"Follow me! My brave men!"      -General Joseph Wheeler

Wheeler's Route of Sherman's Cavalry - July 1864

Summary of the Battle of Brown's Mill

   On July 30th through July 31st, a battle took place between the Confederates and the Union. The battle took place at Brown's Mill which is just south of Atlanta, Georgia. The battle changed the tactics that General William T. Sherman used in his campaign against Atlanta. The Confederates eventually won this battle, leaving with only 50 dead, while the Union left with 100 dead and over 1,000 captured and and sent to Confederate prison camps.

The goal of the Battle of Brown's Mill

   The goal was Edward Moody McCook would lead a raid that would finally halt the shipments of supplies being sent to the Confederates by train. After succeeding at that, he would then lead his men to Andersonville to free 30,000 Union soldiers who were in Confederate prison camps. But the raid turned into a very large battle in which the Union lost a major portion of its soldiers.

Why this battle is significant

   The Battle of Brown's Mill is significant because after General McCook lost this battle his original plans for the Atlanta campaign took a major blow. He also lost in upwards of 1000 soldiers, who were either captured or killed.

   The efforts of the Confederates in this battle saved Newnan from a possible destruction, as they fended off the Union soldiers.

The important people

  During the battle for Brown's Mill, there were two sides; The Union and the Confederates. The Confederate soldiers were led by General Wheeler and the Union soldiers were led by General McCook.

Flags used within this battle...

Here are a few of the flags that were used by both sides during the battle of Brown's Mill.

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