October Issue

Math with Ms. Kuhn

7th & 8th Grade Math @ BAMS

Happy Fall!

The school year is off to a great start!  Students are making some great progress!  Here are some things that have been going on in math class!


We have spent a few minutes about three times per week focusing on mastering basic facts, using a website called Xtramath.  We have a graph posted in the room to track our progress!  No names are shown, but students can see the class' mastery scores.  Once everyone gets in the 75-100% mastery category, then I will share a special treat with them to celebrate!  We are getting very close!  Students can practice any time, anywhere, and parents can also gain access to track their progress! (Please let me know if you are interested in this option)

It is very important to master these basic facts in order to carry out the more complicated operations that will be covered this year.  It "saves brain power," to have these basic facts memorized, instead of having to work them out every time.


Problems Of the Week, AKA POWs, are well under way!  Each week, students get a new problem to solve, and must (1) Summarize the problem; (2) Explain their problem solving process; and (3) Defend their answer.  It can be a challenging assignment!  The point is to encourage independent thinking and creative problem solving.  It is taking some getting used to, but I can see growth in the students' writing and problem solving strategies!  Please encourage them to think outside the box on these problem solving activities!


I am available after school to help students nearly every day.  I am also happy to answer any email requests from students after hours, and have some cool tools to use to offer them assistance!  I can quickly create instructional videos, and have shown students how to use the same program on their iPads, in case they want me to see how they are solving problems.  If you are curious to learn more, ask your child to show you Educreations on their iPads!


Parent-teacher conferences are coming up next week on Monday and Wednesday.  If you have not yet signed up and are interested in meeting with your child's teachers, please respond ASAP so we can schedule a time with you!

Topics Covered

So far, 8th grade students have been learning about powers and laws of exponents!  These can be tricky and sometimes look more intimidating than they are.  This group of students has demonstrated mastery of the product of powers property!  We will be moving onto quotients of powers soon!

7th Grade has been working on ratios, rates, and proportional relationships.  We have been spending a lot of time on using unit ratios in order to convert measurements, both within and between systems.  This has been a challenging concept to grasp, but the students are working hard on it, and they will get it!  I know they will!  They have been looking forward to a BINGO review game for these conversions, once they are able to consistently and correctly use the skill!

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns!

I am always open to hearing from you, and it can make a significant different in the a child's success to have that partnership in learning!

You may reach me at jkuhn@nfdlschools.org; 920-944-8181; or 920-929-3754 ext. 4139.

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