Laura Zuza Cano and Sandra Pelegrín Castillo

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We are Sandra Pelegrín Castillo and Laura Zuza Cano, two students from the 1st year of the bilingual degree in Primary Education from the University of Murcia, and we have had to create an activity project for Primary Education children from a topic included in the curriculum. This activity has been done in the Research and ICT (#RICT1314) subject with the teacher Linda Castañeda.

Short description

In our activity, called Good Habits & Cartoons, 6 or 7 years old children will have to create an avatar with their voices, or the voices of the avatar, explaining the good habits that they have seen in their favourite cartoons.


In the curriculum, the topic in Spanish is called "Adquisición de hábitos posturales y alimentarios saludables y autonomía en la higiene corporal"; which translated into English is Acquisition of postural and healthy eating habits and the corporal hygiene autonomy.

This topic can be find in the 4th block of the 1st course of the Physical Education subject in Primary Education.  

Basic competences

The basic competences needed to develop our activity are:

- Competence on linguistic communication: it will be developed when the children will have to express themselves explaining the good habits of the cartoons, writing it in a paper in an organized way and later reading it fluently to record the avatar voice.

- Information and digital processing competence: they will have to use the technology, in particular, tablets and computers, to develop the final product.

- Social and civic competences: they have to learn the good health and hygiene habits.

- Competence on learning to learn: students will have to learn by their own in an independent way the content that the videos offer.

- Competence on autonomy and personal initiative: they have to be creative to develop the final product and try to do it by their own.


The goals of our activity are:

- Create: students will have to make their own avatar.

-  Analyse: the good habits that the cartoons develop.

- Apply: what they have seen in the videos to their final product.

- Remember: the information given in the cartoons.

- Understand: the healthy habits that the cartoons develop.

Age and level

Our activity is for 6 to 7 years old students, from the 1st course of Primary Education.

Resources of our activity

-10ltoruna, agosto,17 del 2012, Hello kitty's paradise-eating our vegetables , [video file]

-Hello Kitty Channel, abril,13 del 2014, Hello Kitty's Furry Tale Theater, [video file]

-Jackson K., febrero 17 del 2014, Hello Kitty Blooming Good Morning Storybook Adventure Clean, [video file]

-White Wiciak, septiembre, 23 del 2012, Peppa Pig 2 Full Episodes Lunch and Sports Day YouTube, [Video file]

-mrmorefuntv, febrero,23 del 2014, Peppa Pig Season 4 Episode 3 Basketball, [video file]

-McFarland Getty, febrero, 1 del 2014, Peppa Pig Cartoon English Episodes The Dentist, [video file]

-Adrian tv, febrero, 22 del 1014, Peppa Pig New Season English 1x14 Baby Alexander Babysitting, [video file]

-Dello0o, mayo, 17 del 2009, Nutri Viva Cartoon-HEALTHY STATION, [video file]

-Chugggington, septiembre, 25 del 2013, Chuggington Wilson Gets a Wash - It's Training Time: Keeping Clean, [video file]

Examples of our activity

-Zuza L. and Pelegrín C., mayo, 16 del 2014, Trains' Good Habits of Hygiene (Tellagami), [video file]

-Zuza L. and Pelegrín S., mayo, 16 del 2014, Hello Kitty and Good Hygiene and Health Habits (Tellagami), [video file]

Applications & tools

- Wikipedia (2013), File: Youtube-logo-seit-dezember-2013png

recover from :

This application is used in the first session by the children with the teacher's help to search for the cartoons videos.

-Howtechweb, mayo, 2 del 2013, How to Search in Youtube, [video file] (how to search videos in youtube)

-Matthew Loop, agosto,19 del 2013, How to Upload a Video To YouTube [2014 Version], [video file] (how to upload videos to youtube, what the children would have to do to embed their final avatar video in the blog)

-Zuza L. and Pelegrín S.(2014), tellagami [image]

This application was the program used to create the avatar. With this application the children are able to dress, characterize and put the voice of their avatar. The voice can be recorded or type it and it is spoken with a voice of the application.


-Stuart Packham, junio,21 del 2013, iTeacher: 'Tellagami' for Presenting, [video file] (iTeacher of tellagami)

-Wikipedia Commons (2014), Blogger.svg [image]

Recovered from:

A blog is created in blogger by the teacher, and it is where the students with the teacher's help will publish their final product, after uploading it to a common classroom account, and later, embedding it to the blog.

-Zuza L. and Pelegrín S., (2014), GOOD HABITS AND CARTOONS [Blog]  that is the blog example link that we have created with the avatar examples.

-Rayme Pastore, febrero, 4 del 2012, How to use blogger, [video file] (how to use blogger)

-Courtney Chowning, febrero, 14 del 2012, Create a New Blog on Google Blogger, [video file] (how to create a blog in blogger)


For this activity we are going to need:

  • computers
  • tablets
  • paper
  • pencil
  • red wifi

Complete explanation of our project

Zuza L. and Pelegrín S., mayo, 22 del 2014, Explanation of the GOOD HABITS & CARTOONS project, [video file]

Creative common license

Our activity and all the resources that we have used are under the creative common license.

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