Civil War General

My name is Jeffery Hagndel I am a civil war general. I am fighting for the north because I believe it is wright. I joined because I needed some excitement and some time away from my home in Chicago Illinois.

Journal entry No. 2

Sam: Those goobers have a good aim with the ol pepperbox and hornets they are also pretty good with an arkansas toothpick they are going to cause some people to see the sawbone.


Sam: we better hope that they don't get ahold of some barkjuce and get wallpaperd.

Emma: I hope so too possum.

Sam: But they sure do taste good in my breadbasket with some sheet iron crackers.

Emma: Yep they sure are CHIEF COOK AND BOTTLE WASHER

Sam: but they can give me the quickstep.

Emma: They make me fit as a fiddle.

Sam: well i'm played out by.

Emma: I’m gonna go grab a root. Bye.

    We have been training for 4 months now people are getting tired from the constant drills let alone punishments like marching with a stick and the dreaded "gag" stick where they tie you up and make you gag by forcing a stick down your throat. I want to leave this place sooooo much. Other wise life at camp is pretty nice when you have the rare occasional free time.


looking back what is something you are proud or happy about: Joining the union and fighting for what is wright

What is one thing about your life you wish you had done different: Wish i had kept in touch with my brother because i still don't know what happened to him.

What do you think you would have done if you went off without helping your mother?

I would have been happy to be with my brother but sad to find out that my mother had died without me being there to do anything.

life at camp is pretty bland we do stuff like lice racing and betting on the outcome of thing. The food is even worse we get bread that has all sorts of things in it let alone that we barley get stuff at all. the dried fruit and veggies we get in our rations have roots and even more insets.

Journal entry #7

Journal entry #8

I'm coming home the war is over. The union has won but even victory cant cover up the sorrow everyone here still feels. From fighting or losing brother, son, father, and friend. These are people that cant be replaced. The large ominous hole in our hearts and sols can never be covered or filled. It feels as if a piece of us is missing without them. Everyone is sad but at the same time happy to be going home.

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