World War 1 and 2

by Alex Trischler


Do you want to know more about world war one and two? If so read more. This tack will provide information for you. These might be some wunders you had. How both wars started, where it took place, did people like the wars, and how many people died.


Wars are very important. If you were in one you can tell your family and friends if not keep reading. Many people die in wars. That affects us, because that is one less person in the world.

How the war started (1)

You want to know how World war one started. Well, you came to the right place. World war one started because a Serbian terrorist killed a king. The king`s son was scared about all the slaves in Southern Europe. So they killed most of them. Russia was wandering what was going on. So they sent troops there to see what was going on. That scared everybody. The Germans declared war on the Russians; they declared war on the Germans and the Astros. Then the allies of the three countries helped out their allies. So then we have a war with everyone. That is how World War 1 started.

How World War 2 started

Some say World War 2 started because of the first war. Well this is how it started. Hitler wanted more land. So he and his army (The Nazis), took over Australia. But he wanted more land (He actually wanted more power). So he tried to take over America. But he failed. We (People in America) declared war on the Nazis. And it got bigger.

Did anyone like the war?

No. No one liked either war. So many people Died. Kids were put in the war. A lot of people suffered. Almost every one died.

Where it took place

The war took place in Asia, Russia, America, and China… Well there are others but these are the main ones.

How many people died?

So you want to know how many people died. Well you came to the right place. A lot of people died. Some were shot, some were bombed, some suffered, and so on. But millions died.


Wars are important they can show us what we did. They can show us what not to do again. They show us what we did in the past like slavery. That started the civil war. But that is another war. So if you hear war think not good.

Battle: A fight in a war

Allies:People who are on your team

Suffer: when you die slowly

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