All About Me
                 Mathias D.

the bird type is a cockatile

well we actuly found him on our back porch we did not know how he got their         or who is owner was we put up flyers every where but no one clamied him so when we took him to the doctor he was going crazy so we never figured out if he was a boy or a girl so we just named him a name that goes with a boy and girl we named him baily.

me and my brother would always fight over this game even thogh we all split the cost one of us would always say it is are's. we also are vary competative so when one of us loses we get really mad start fighting but our big brother would always win.

One place i have always wnated to go was to paris. My gandperants went there and they said it was awsome and because they were there for as long as they could be because they were not citizens. they said the best par was seeing the effile tower which is what I want to see first if I ever go there.

The only thing I did not wants for christmas was another sweater becasue I already had 5 coats. When I woke up for christmas and i opened the box that held what would be a really ugly sweater. When i took it out and held it up and looked at my perants they had the camera out and just had huge grins on there face. later I figured out that they did it on purpose just to make me mad.

When i was really littlel we had a trampoline that we always used to play on and then it broke and when we fixed it it was like 6 years later. In my most recent house. adn one of the first things i did well tried to do was a back flip and it was alot smaller than i remember. so when i jumped and started to do the flip half way through i relized that i made a mistake. So when i laded i did not land on the tampoline i ended up hiting my shin on the metal bar that went around the end of the trampoline and it hurt really bad.

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