Meg Cabot

By: Hannah Brown

  • Meg Cabot used a pen name for some of her books.
  • Her pen name was Patricia or Penny.
  • Most of Meg Cabot's books are fiction.
  • Meg Cabot enjoys watching T.V. and writing her books. She enjoys writing when she is mad, because it helps calm her down.

Meg Cabot did not like school growing up.  She thought people obsessed over sports to much and not creative things; such as writing or art.  When Meg was in school she studied art instead of writing.  Later she found out that she didn't enjoy art so she started writing in college.

Meg Cabot was born on 2/1/67.  She is still living today and has many famous books.  She has a famous series called,"The Princess Diaries."  I am reading a book that she wrote called, "Princess in the Spotlight."


Meg Cabot doesn't really have a quote, but she does have some silly advice such as; "Always remember: Never pass a bathroom without using it.  You never know how long it might be before you find another one.”

Summary of "Princess in the Spotlight:"

The main character in this book is Mia Thermopolis.  Her mom and dad are not together any longer. Her dad has cancer therefore he cannot have any more children.  Mia just recently found out that her dad is the Prince of Genovia; this means she is a princess!  Mia is not very happy about this because she has to take princess lessons from her grandmother who she is not fond of.  Mia's mom is dating her algebra teacher, but she is not very happy about this because she is flunking algebra.

This map shows Bloomington, Indiana where she was born and raised.

Interesting facts about Meg Cabot!!!!!

  • She began publishing in 1998.
  • Meg started writing The Princess Diaries in 2000.
  • She was born and raised in Bloomington, IN.
  • Cabot went to Indiana University.
  • Meg Cabot currently lives in Key West, Florida with her husband and two cats.
This map shows Key West, Florida where she currently lives.

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