International Newport Group, Plays December 14, 2013

There's a lot of hate towards the games of the week...

In case you don't know, I hate the Assassin's Creed series. Ever since the original entry was released and slapped me in the face with its lies, I've left the franchise behind, telling anyone who would listen it wasn't for me. After plenty of 'oh, but it's changed now' from people in the know, though, I decided to dip my toe in for only the second time.

Unsurprisingly, I still think it's rubbish. Aside from how long everything takes to get going, the entire thing just feels like a horrible slog. Drowning in fetch quests, 'follow this dude' missions, and 'don't let that guy die, otherwise we'll stop the game' follies, I just got the overwhelming sensation that nothing had changed since 2007.

Before you all find where I live and lynch me, I do understand why Desmond and all his friends have become so popular. Ubisoft's tech behind Assassin's Creed is very impressive, and there's an incredible amount of game here all things considered. I just don't like the way it plays, especially the nonsensical climbing that's the equivalent of fighting with a controller.

Combat sucks, too. And any game that forces me to visit what seems like its developer's offices at random intersections is always going to rub me up the wrong way in some fashion.

This is pretty much all I've been playing for the last week, hopping on for 30 minutes or so when I get the chance in the evening. It's really rather good, and for me a nice step-up over the PS3/Xbox 360 version that came before it.

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