Something you probably didn't know about acne.

Are you over drying your face?

Take it from someone who has struggled with acne for so many years, you cant wash away acne. For so many years I thought that if I kept washing my face and kept it clean my acne would be gone so of course, moisturizer was out of the question. But what I didn't know was that skipping moisturizer was actually making my acne worse. When you wash your face you are stripping your face of all of the dirt, oil, and makeup right? So now your face is completely striped of everything so yes, your skin is squeaky clean but stripping your face of its natural oils can actually cause your face to reproduce more oil to replace all of the natural oils you just stripped away. Try using an oil free moisturizer, some even have a small amount of acne medication. If you use a spot treatment let the spot treatment dry, the add a layer of moisturizer on top. This is something I wish I knew years ago and has diminished most of my acne problems.

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