How To Not Drop Your Phone

Or 8 Simple Steps On How To Keep Your Phone Moderately Safe

1. Minimize the usage of your phone by keeping it in your pocket or purse. Use it only when needed. This will lower the time that it's in your hands, thus removing more potential moments to drop your phone.

2. Another great thing about having it in your pocket is that you won't be distracted by it!  When you are with company, ignore that itch to check your phone, and leave it out of sight.

2. Whenever picking it up from a bed, table, desk, etc. always pick it up with a firm grasp. Hold the phone in your hand over the surface until you are sure that you have a good grip. That half-second mental check can be the difference between a full or broken screen.

3. Bathrooms are a no fly zone. Try your best to leave the phone outside while attending to business. If you are among the many individuals that choose to camp in the bathroom, make sure you never let the phone hover over the toilet. On top of the dangers in the john, are you aware of the amount of bacteria that grows on your hands, let alone your iPhones? This informational page shows how much bacteria grows on your phone.

4. If you are impatient and have a bad temper, try to keep away from your phone if you know a fit is coming. Your phone can turn into an excellent projectile.

5. Adhere to the pocket rule. Do your best to not walk with your phone out. If it can wait, let it wait. Texting and driving is horrible enough, but texting and walking can lead to plenty of other unnecessary accidents as well.

6. If you prefer to go naked (without a case) you understand the arduous task of protecting your phone. A protective phone case can be a wise investment for those that are prone to dropping theirs.

7. If you're gonna be exercising with your phone, a protective case is a must. The best solution for athletic aficionados is to invest in an arm band that you can be confident won't budge.

8. Keep out of reach of children and dogs or other furry animals. Make sure you do not leave it on a low lying area where it could easily be brushed off the edge or picked up and played with.

9. If all else fails and you can't seem to keep the phone in your hands, the solution may be to not have a phone ;)

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article does not prevent or guarantee a phone from breaking.

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3 years ago

I find when I "go naked" it makes me much more cautious when handling my phone. Definitely risky, tho

3 years ago

I decided to "go naked" after I couldn't bare the extra weight of the protective case. One night after a couple beers with my wife and friends it unexplainably slipped off my hand and ended up facedown on the floor. The repair price was expensive and the phone is not the same anymore. Don't ever "go naked" :-(

3 years ago

Haha. Jokes on you, I don't own a phone.

2 years ago

ok... i guess