makayla bryant-2


Brandy with long brown hair,

Brandy with green wicked eyes

Brandy who’s as short as a bear

Is a girl who’s kind, and loving

Running through the park

Looking through the park as she sees a flock of pigeons

Stopping, and walking to meet up with her friends

Sweating like crazy

Gathering, laughing having a great time

Brandy is driving home

She unlocks the door to the house, and runs up stairs

She was running so fast she slipped, and fell

Because she was running so fast

Brandy inside her room doing homework

Inside her room listening to music, and

Inside her neon pink room, her warm, comforting escape from reality, her special room

Is as pink as a Lollipop

She was singing her favorite song

While dancing around

She fell being silly

And was crying

Because she broke her foot.

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