The Aquarium

By: John Hankins

Ecology is the study of interactions of living organisms in an environment.

The clownfishes habitat has anenomes that help protect the fish, but the anenomes don't gain anything in return this is called commensalism. Anenomes are found in coral reefs. Also clownfish eat scraps of fish on the anenome and algae. Individual- A single living organism. Population- A group of living organisms. Individuals interact with their environment by using its resources and they also respond by adapting to the environment.

Organisms interact within their community all the time. It can be commensalism, mutualism, and parasitism. An example is clownfish hide in anenomes and they also find food in the anenomes, but the anenomes don't gain anything in return. This is called commensalism. Also another part in how organisms interact is the food chain. Clownfish for example get eaten by sharks like reef sharks then the reef sharks get eaten by tiger sharks. An example of mutualism is when a pilot fish is on a shark it gets food and protection while the shark gets parasites cleaned of it.

Community- A group of different types of species that interact with each other. Ecosystem- A group of organisms and the environment interacting with each other.

Organisms depend on biotic factors in their ecosystem for food, and protection. They also use abiotic factors for shelter from predators.

Protista- Unicellular, no nucleus, and they are eukaryotic.

Plantae- Cell wall, chloroplasts, and they are prokaryotic.

Fungi- Uni and multicellular, eukaryotic, and they have a nucleus.

Animali- Multicellular, prokaryotic, and they have a nucleus.

Producer- An organism that makes its own food.

Consumer- An organism that has to find food.

Decomposer- An organism that eats organic food.

1: The picture is a boat that has sunken underwater and fish use it to hide from predators.

2: The picture is a crab that is in a shell and the shell is used to be protected from predators.

3: The picture is of sand and fish use it to hide and to get food.

Organisms use abiotic factors in their environment to hide from predators and to find food.

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