By: Mckenna Fitzgerald

Del Pollaiolo Antonio, hydra monster, drawing  <http://hu.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_lern%C3%A9i_H%C3%BCdra>

  Physical Description: The Hydra has nine heads, is a swamp monster, dog/serpents body,breath that can kill a person and when one of the heads is immortal. when you cut of one head more would grow back making even harder to defeat the Hydra.

First Seen: The Hydra was raised by Hera. Though her real parnets were Typhon and Echida. She was also the half sister of Nemean Lion. Nemean Lion was a lion that hercules defeated in his first labor before he later killed Hydra on his second labor.

Crimes:  The Hydra crimes weren't huge crimes but she was known for haunting the swampy marsh of Lerna. She was also a horriable create the killed many people.

Family: Hydra was rasied by the god hera. Hera was a greek god and the husband of Zeus. Her real parnets were Typhon and Echida. Typhon and Echida were both gods. Typhon was put in Tarterus were his wife, Echida went with him to keep him company leaving her kids on there own. The hydra was one of 6 and was rasied in the sevenfolds  of the river Amymore.

REWARD: Who ever can kill The Hydra will receive the immortal head once its cut off. You will also have passed one labor on your way to become a immortal god. The Hydra will not be easy to kill but you will be reward if you do.

Cation: Hydra has breath that even just a small breath can kill people. she has killed many people with the power of her hurendace breath. Also Hydra has 9 heads the 8 of the head will grow two more when you cut off one. Be careful when facing the awful monster, she can and will  try to kill you.

UPDATE: Hercules has killed hydra and completed his second labor on his way to become immortal. He cut of one head and crushed his immortal head under a rock. He then dipped the arrow into the Hydras blood and stabbed her heart with it.

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