The Story of Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman is a young slave girl who has only known hunger and hard work all her life. She works on a cotton plantation in the south for Master and Mistress Sarah. She has a rebellious heart, so they send her to the fields at a young age. It is around this time that the slave revolt starts, and Harriet gets the idea of freedom in her head. She works for a nearby farmer with a man named Jim Barrett, who is a black man that tried running away twice. She helps him run again, but the overseer tries to stop Jim with a weight and hits Harriet in the head instead. She recovers, but has sudden sleeping spells. After her act of defiance, Master threatens to sell her, but no one will buy her because of the dent in her forehead and the sleeping spells. She is given free choice of where to work because of this, and works on a plantation where she meets her husband, John Tubman. When she tells him about her plans to run away, he laughs. Harriet gathers her brothers and tells them of the plan, but the night they try to leave it rans and they give up. Harriet leaves the next night alone. She is aided by a Quaker women who tells her of the all the stops on the Underground Railroad. With help and places to stay, Harriet crosses over to freedom on the Pennsylvania border. She joins the Anti-Slavery Society and plans to go back to free her family. She goes back and successfully frees her brothers and their families, using strategies and signals. Harriet's father, Ben, is put in jail for having a slave escape. Harriet and her mother free him with the help of nearby Quakers and leave for Pennsylvania on a horse. Shortly after they all arrive in safety, the Fugitive Slave Law is passed. This allows for anyone to return a slave in America to their previous owners. Harriet and other abolitionists help free more slaves by moving them all into Canada. This is called "shaking the lion's paw," because they are entering British territory. By this time, a civil war between the North and South has started. Harriet goes back to help slaves and soldiers in the voluntary hospitals. Slaves leave their plantations to fight and Lincoln passes the Emancipation Proclamation, freeing the slaves. He is shot by Booth shortly after and the war is won, setting slaves free. Harriet remarries to a former soldier she met in the war, Nelson Davis. They both die peacefully of old age.

  • Photograph of Harriet Tubman

Did you enjoy this book?

This book was amazing and told a great story. Not many know the accomplishments of Harriet Tubman and how she freed the slaves, and I learned a lot more than I ever knew.

Would rush you recommend this book?

Yes! It's a bit of a longer but very suspenseful and has a great plot. This book is very educating and full of great information.

What was the author's purpose for writing this book?

I believe the purpose was to educate those who didn't know about the great accomplishments of Harriet Tubman. It provides all the facts and true story of Harriet's travels over the borders of freedom.

Describe the author's writing style.

The writing style was very creative and suspenseful, but factual. It was a biography, so it had to get the information across.

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