Live, Love, Laugh.

I am a junior/senior at Harlingen High School South. I am 17 years old and my birthday is on April 19. I have 3 brothers; I am the youngest. I was born in Jacksonville, Florida but raised in Chicago, Illinois. I moved to Harlingen when I was eight, and I lived with my grandma for about a year. I attended Travis Elementary, C.E Vail Elementary and Bonham Elementary. I then went to Vernon Middle School for all 3 years. after that, I attended Harlingen High School North then transferred to South my sophomore year. I am a year and 3 months with my boyfriend as of last month. I honestly have mad love for animals. I also have 2 cats, 5 dogs, and 2 guinea pigs.


09//01/14: "What has been the most eventful day for you, since school has started? Why?"

The most eventful day i have had so far was when i was supposed to go to school on the first day. That day i went to the boot-camp school to register my brother and made and appointment at 1:30, it was an hour before the appointment so we ate McDonalds and then we to register him. We went to South after and we were there until school ended. We kept going back and forth between the library, attendance office and the counselor. Now that I have started school I have really great classes on both A and B day.

09/04/14: "Why did you select the tutorial that you did?"

I selected this tutorial because if there's one thing I love to do is eyes. When I do my make up I always try to make them look different ways. For example: I can make them look bigger, different colored, and even Chinese. I always wish to have colored eyes so I would like to learn how to edit my eyes or any ones. If I want to work at a magazine store or company I have to know how to Photoshop their models.

09/08/14: What five things you hope to learn or gain from this class?

In this class I hope to learn about how to make logos and how to photo shop people or things. I want to learn how the magazines and ads on the television make everything look so real. This class will  help me in life because if I ever want to design t-shirts for one of my kids teams I will know how to do it. Also, if my job as a zoologist does not work out I can always get a job as a designer or photo shop magazine pictures. I think this class will be an awesome addition to my future.

09/18/14: Describe two designs that can be completed using the pen tool.

A design you could use the pen tool in is an image. Using the pen tool for an image is to cut out the part of a picture you don't want in it and put in another image. You could also use it to make a mouth or an eye for a face. To make an eye you use the pen tool first then you copy each layer and place it in a new layer as one so you can have two eyes. The pen tool is very easy to use if you know what your doing.

09/23/14: Kahoot critique.

Kahoot is a very fun way to take a quiz. It is even better than taking it on paper. It's more fun on Kahoot because your taking it with your class and you can see who answered wrong on a question you should know. No one would cheat cause you would just answer it as soon as you can and it will automatically tell you if your wrong or right. You can also choose how much time you want on each question, which means the quiz would be quicker then taking it on paper.

09/25/14: "Dia De Los Muertos"

Dia de los Muertos means the Day of the Dead. It is a Mexican celebration and it is also celebrated in cities near the border. It is believed that the spirits of the dead visit their families on October 31st and leave on November 2nd. In order to celebrate, the families make altars and place offerings of food. Living alongside death means that Mexicans have to learned to accept it within their lives.


10/23/14: What is color theory? What is the color wheel? Describe color scheme & its importance. Explain the impact of different colors on an audience.

Color theory is a body of practical guidance to color mixing and the visual effects of a specific color combination. There are also categories of colors based on the color wheel: primary color, secondary color and tertiary color.

A color wheel or color circle is an abstract illustrative organization of color hues around a circle that shows relationships between primary colors, secondary colors, tertiary colors.

Color scheme is an arrangement or combination of colors, especially as used in interior decoration. Color scheme is important because it lets us choose colors individually and lets us design our own shade.

The impact of color on an audience is emotionally and mentally. It affects how they feel about it and what they think about it. Like if a logo for a shop is dark and scary it would make them feel scared to go in and freaked out. If a shop logo is nice pretty colors it would attract customers and make them feel happy.


11/3/14: Spirit Week.

11/11/14: Marketing Campaign.

11/17/14: What are you thankful for?

I am thankful for the shelter that I have, along with the food my mom provides for me. I am thankful for the clothes on my back and the stuff  I have that I don't need but want. I am thankful for the friends I have that support me and motivate me to do better. I am thankful for my best friend, Monique, who is always there for me all these years since 3rd grade. I am thankful for my boyfriend, Frank, who loves and supports me to do what I want and accepts who I am and what I do. I am thankful everyday for the mother I have that loves and has faith in me no matter what. I would never ask for a better or any other person to be my mom. We have been through ups and downs in our lives but no matter what I will always know things will get better. When I grow up I know I will buy my mom whatever she wants like she's done for me now. I am thankful for the life I have and the life I live.


12/01/14: Describe one helpful thing you did for someone during the break.

Over the break I helped baby-sit my best friends sisters kid. He is one year old, and his name is Devon. He is super cute, and very loving, he does throw tantrums when he doesn't get what he wants. I baby sat him for a while so that his mom can have one day off.

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