Thousand Words
Brooke-Ellynne Waters

MARCH 24, 2015

Reading a few chapters of the book had some memory moment of how the "smexting" began. At Ashleigh's best friend party, Vonnie in the summer August, Ashleigh feels that Kaleb should remember Ashleigh more even, though Kaleb is leaving for college. Rachel (Vonnie's friend) encourages Ashleigh to send a "picture picture" of herself (or smexting). Ashleigh felt it was the wrong thing to do, but she knew she had to do, for Kaleb to love her even more. Ashleigh had different emotional feelings after what she done. She felt good that Kaleb liked the picture, but she felt bad that some of her peers saw the picture. Now she's in community service and wishes to take everything back.

MARCH 25, 2015

While I was reading, the characters, Mack, had a different outcome in the book with some contrast and contradictions. Mack is the quiet heavy boy in Ashleigh's community service. In the beginning, Mack would come in Room 104, go to the computer, put on his earbuds, and worked on his project. Mrs. Mosely didn't offer any help to him, even though she would help with Ashleigh. But after Amber gave her presentation and Katie was teasing with Ashleigh, Mack said three small words to shock the whole room, even me. Mack didn't act like a superhero, he just stood up to Ashleigh because she been so much pain with Kaleb and her friends, plus Ashleigh didn't want to talk about it.

March 26, 2015

Reading more and more I've beginning to have a "aha" moment. Ever since Ashleigh went to community service since day 1, she begins to question to herself about Mack. Does she have feelings for him? I don't know. She continues to question herself, when she gave eye contact to Mack. After Mack stood up for Ashleigh, she began to hang out with Mack while getting food from the machine during bathroom break. Again, Ashleigh questions Mack where he lived or what school he went to. Even though Mack is quiet, he would say a few words to her and leave he stranded. Mack will offer her some machine food and listen to music. Ashleigh is being friendly to Mack after he stood up for her and Mack is just being friendly.

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