Big History

I learned that the history of the universe is 13.7 billion years long. If you count to a million it would take 11 and a half days. If you would count to a billion it would take a thousand times as long as a million. You would have to count for thirty two years. If you were two count two 13.7 billion you would take over 400 years.

Europe 500 years ago was a christian region. The Christian church thinks god created the universe several thousand years ago. Ptolemy model of the universe is that the earth was a the center of the universe. Galileo used the first telescope to look at the heaven.

200 hundred million years ago after the big bang the sky had no stars. The universe started filling up with stars. scientist still see stars farming today. The beautiful places in the havens is the star nurseries. The middle of stars are full of protons. they wait around the crust of the stars and wait to be fused.

Today 98% of atomic matter in the universe consists of hydrogen and helium. The other two percent is made up of other elements.The elements combined make an infinity number. plants are made from threshold four. Are planet crust is made of oxygen, silicon, aluminum.Earth was formed 4.5 billions years ago. The first planet was formed within the big bang theory.

Life is one of are most profound question. most people believe life starts from a chemical reaction. DNA is a secret sea code four thing that can go into anything. BACTERIA is the SIMPLEST AND OLDEST FORM OF life. The bacteria is feeding off of the energy from the under water volcano. The first under ground life was next to to under the sea mountains.

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