Alcoholism Not A Disease

By:Imani Alexander

We might be asking yourself is alcoholism a disease.You might say that most people don't suffer from alcoholism but more than 10 percent of  U.S.  children live  with parnets with Alcohol problems.But  alcoholism is not a disease. Alcoholism is should be handled with more care because losing someone for Alcoholism is harsh because you know they probably didn't want or get the help they needed. Alcoholism is hard to control and hard for them to want the help needed to help the Alcoholic.

People who suffer from Alcoholism is obsessed with alcohol and feel like they have no control over how much they consume. Most people suffer black outs , poor balance  and more.  53 percent of  adults in the United States have reported one or more relatives  having  drinking problems. If you ever see a men drink more than 21 units  of alcohol per week he might have alcoholism.Being a alcoholic can cause you your job. Alcoholic  cause damage to their body and even to people around them.

The earlier the drinker is the higher chance of it being  a alcoholic. About 40 percent of alcoholic don't receive  help because they  are not ready to stop. 32 pecent can't afford the help.13 percent can stop without treatment. 12.9 percent don't know where to go for treatment. People should get the treatment needed to lower the percent of alcoholic deaths do to them not receiving the treatment needed.

A solution to  this situation is try to help  your love ones get the  treatmeant they need to help them become sober.If you know anyone with any symptoms they might be a alcoholic and get them help as soon as possible. If you see anyone that has black outs , vomiting, sweating and shaking. Call 911 and get the help the help they need.