Out of My Mind  

By Sharon Draper

Savannah  and Redika

Summary of the book Out of my mind

The story Out of My Mind by Sharon Draper is about an 11- year- old girl named Melody Brooks. She has cerebral palsy. Everyone thinks she isn't very smart since she is different. But she is very smart , she has a photographic memory. Melody's neighbor, Mrs. V., has taught Melody new things ever since she was little. Soon, Melody's family gets a puppy named Butterscotch. Butterscotch looks after Melody and gets help if Melody needs it.At school, Melody starts inclusion classes. That is where she has classes with regular students. Melody then gets an aid named Catherine to take her to her classes and help her. They become very close friends . All Melody has to communicate with is a communication board. But in the middle of the story, Melody gets a Medi-Talker which she can communicate a lot easier with.  Also, her mom became pregnant with a child named Penny. Butterscotch is very protective around Penny. Butterscotch makes sure Penny doesn't get hurt. In Melody's inclusion classes she meets a girl named Rose. They become great friends.

  After a little while, Melody hears about a Whiz Quiz Team. She wanted to sign up. She practiced everyday with Catherine, her parents, and Mrs. V. One of Melody's teacher's,Mr. Dimming, doesn't want Melody to try out. But Melody does try out. She gets a perfect score. So, Melody gets on the Quiz Team. Rose is also on the team. A girl named Claire also gets on the team too and she is mean to Melody. After lots of studying, the team goes to the competition and they make it to the finals . Then they all go to eat. Melody's chair can't go up the stairs, so her mom has to carry her because the elevator for wheelchairs isn't working. Her mom has to feed her. Everyone stares at Melody but she doesn't care. She's starving.

    The next day, Melody's picture is in the newspaper. She is scared because she thinks everyone on the team will be upset because the newspaper said nothing about them. Everyone is disappointed. Next, Melody gets ready for the big competition in Washington, D.C. She heads to the airport. None of her team members are there. They had taken an earlier flight without Melody because of the weather. Melody is very upset. Why would they do that? Melody's mom found out that the team had won 9th place and got a cheap plastic trophy. On Monday, Melody decides to face the team. Melody's mom is trying to get her ready but her mom has a big headache. Before they left, Melody starts to panic. A yellow flash bolted out the door. Penny. Melody kicked and screamed. Mom ignored her. As the car backed up, mom and Melody heard a thump. It was Penny. Everyone is very upset and rushes Penny to the hospital while Melody stays at school. Melody faces the team. They said they left her because they thought she would slow them down since Melody's mom had to feed her. That hurt Melody very badly. When Melody got home, she learned that Penny was fine. She just had a broken body parts. Everyone was still very emotional about the Quiz Team problem and Penny. But everything was going to be okay.

What is cerebral palsy?

    Cerebral Palsy is a condition that damages your brain. There are 3 types of cerebral palsy- spastic, ataxic, and athetoid. Spastic is the most common. This type of cerebral palsy is when you are stiff and have no control of your body. Ataxic is the least common form of cerebral palsy. Ataxic cerebral palsy is when you have a weak muscle tone. Athetoid cerebral palsy is when you have brain damage.

What are the causes and symptoms of cerebral palsy?

No talking , walking, hearing loss, speech problems, drooling,seizures, crawls in unusual ways,easily startled or has problem swallowing are symptoms of cerebral palsy. Birth effects can cause cerebral palsy or failure to develop brain properly. Cerebral means of brain and palsy means lack of muscle control.

Famous People with Cerebral Palsy

    Some famous people with cerebral palsy are Stephen Hopkins, Josh Blue, and Abbey Nicole Curran. Stephen Hopkins attended the first Continental Congress and was a party to the Declaration of Independence. Josh Blue is an American comedian who's jokes are mainly centered on his disability and how he lives with it. Abbey Curran represented Iowa at the Miss USA competition in 2008.


  The theme of the story is don't judge a book by its cover. I think that is the theme because everyone thought Melody was not as smart as everyone else just because she has cerebral palsy. Another reason is because Melody made a perfect score on her whiz quiz practice test and Mr.Dimming thought she did it on accident, just because she has cerebral palsy. Another theme would be you should accept people for who they are because Melody hoped though out the book to be treated like she was ''normal'' and not to be treated differently. Melody thought she had found a friend who accepted her for who she was but Rose was embarrassed by what her friends would think about her hanging out with Melody. For example when the whiz quiz team were going to Washington, Rose was supposed to call Melody to say that the flight was going to leave early.But she didn't because the others didn't want Melody on the team, so Rose didn't call. That shows that Rose wasn't a true friend. Melody all ways tried to stay positive even though she has a disability .

Point of View

   The point of view is first person because in the story it says me and I a lot. For example in the story it says " I can't talk. I can't walk. I can't feed myself or take myself to the bathroom." Another example is '' I smile when I hear footsteps outside my door.'' One last example is ''I shook my head forcefully.''Those examples have I and my in them so that means it is first person. We get to see whats in Melody head and what her hopes and dream are while she tells the story of her life and we get to see what a girl with no voice has to say.

Character Analysis about Melody

   The main character in the book is Melody Brooks. Melody has short, brown curly hair with brown eyes and she is in a pink wheelchair. Melody cannot talk and sometimes she gets mad or frustrated because people can't understand her. Melody is sarcastic, humorous, and intelligent. I know she is humorous because in the story, it says ''She tells dirty jokes sometimes when dad isn't looking. We both crack up''. The reason why I think Melody is sarcastic because in the book it says " Claire can be clueless, she whispers to me. You think?''. Finally, I know she is intelligent because it says "I'd gotten an eighty-five but, I was so excited that she'd come over I got all mixed up''. Melody and I both like country music.Melody has changed because at first Melody wanted to be like everyone else but then she realized that being different isn't bad.  


  The story tells the first 11 years of Melody's life. Some of the major setting are Mrs.V's house, school and Melody's house. Something important that happened at Mrs.Vs house was when Melody was little and Mrs.V laid Melody and her back and made her get a stuffed monkey. Another event was at school when Melody confronted the whiz quiz team and asked her why they didn't bring her to Washington D.C. Finally, at Melody's own house an event was when Melody's goldfish,Ollie, jumped out of his fishbowl and Melody tried to tell her mother what happened. Some parts of the story that are connected to real life are that we separate the kids with disabilities in our school. Descriptive world that the author used to describe the setting was yellow,pink,smiley faces, rainbows and flower.