Malcolm X

BY: Emily Lamkin

In 1925, Malcolm Little was born in Omaha, Nebraska.  

His father eventually moved the family to Lansing, Michigan because they were being threatened by Klansmen.  The family's home was then burnt down by a white supremacist group.  Later on Malcolm's father was murdered by whites in a way that was made to look like a suicide so the wife could not collect insurance.  

Near his middle school years Malcolm moved to Boston to live with his half sister.  While he was there he became involved in crime and then ended up having a 10 year sentence in jail.  During his jail time he was under the influence of Black Muslims.  They convinced him to change his last name and give drugs, alcohol, and other things that were against the Muslim religion.  Another major thing they taught him was to embrace his African American heritage and to stop worshiping to Jesus.  

As you may know Malcolm X was very involved in the Civil Rights Movement, but he had different ideas of what to do compared to Martin Luther King Jr.  One difference was that he did not think that whites should be involved in the movement of getting blacks freedom.  One major difference was their views on violence.  Malcolm X believed that for blacks to get their freedom they had to fight.  Whereas King thought there should be non violent acts of protesting and he believed in Civil Disobedience.  

Nearing the end of both their lives they agreed on one thing being the fact that African Americans need to have the same rights.  Malcolm X was assassinated in 1965 and King sent a message to Malcolm's wife saying how he thought Malcolm was a good man even though they had different opinions.   

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