White Death by Camilla and Silvia

White death is a book of mistery by the author Tim Vicary. The drawing below was made by Camilla to show the horror of drug addiction.

The book is about a nineteen year old teenager who is in  prison. She is a tall girl  with  blue  eyes . At the airport, they find heroin  in her bag . So ,now she  is waiting  to go court.  If the court  decides that it was her heroin, then  she must die . Only  two people can help  Sarah:  her mother  and an  old boyfriend who does  not love her now.

Sarah's mother is an English  woman,she is tall,about fifty years old, with blue eyes. She visited her daughter to the prison to help her, and she met inspector Aziz. He was  who arrest her daugther few days ago. Insoector Aziz is a big man, about  fifty-five years old,with brown eyes and a nice  smile. Together they can help Sarah

Sarah isn't alone in the prison,Hassan, her current boyfriend  is in the prison  too. They were at the airport  when the police found three  tubes of toothpaste with heroin inside. Many cloues pointing to Hassan, maybe he do it to get money,they both said  that they didn't do it.

When Sarah is in prison she discover that she is pregnant,so the rules change, they can't kill a mother with her baby, that's the law.

Anna was surpised by the news , but some minutes later Anna went to talk with Stephen ( Sarah's old boyfriend) and he told her the truth.

He was who put the heroin into her bag, but he wanted Hassan to die ,not Sarah.

Anna was so confused , she took him to the judges and he started to confess.

Sarah and Hassan were free.

Hi! My name is Camilla. I really enjoyed reading this book.

It's very interesting because it talks about a real story about drugs, and also because it's a good way to learn that drugs are not good. They change your personality, they destroy you slowly and they can also kill you. Below you can see me drawing the picture of a monster which is tormenting this poor girl.