Australian Stereotypes and Voices.

A stereotypes is something that is presumed or known to be what a certain group of living things do, act and live. A lot of the time they are not entirely true as not everyone from Australia is the same and acts the same way. There are many stereotypes about Australia, some are fairly true but a lot are not.

A stereotype I consider quite accurate but obviously not every Australian may do it, the stereotype is having a beer by the barbecue. This stereotype is describing Australian men and what they do on the weekends to relax and have a few snags. Another stereotype is that we are all laid back, easy going and welcoming. This is also true for some people but not all people are so welcoming which can be dangerous for some tourists coming into the country who expect all of Australians to be laid back and welcoming so they may decide to do as they please and may not as respectful as they should be which can make people angry. Although a lot of Australian are very easy going and have good humors.

The three Australian accents we have identified are broad, general and cultivated accents.  I believe the accent I use is the general accent as the generations in my Mum and Dad were born and raised in Australia but both had European parents so it is a mix between the two cultures which makes me general.