Medieval Clothing

By: Jenna Galarza

This picture is about a girl in medieval time clothing. It makes her look like a noble. The dress is black, it has fancy stitching. The dress also has red on it, the red is the string that is holding the dress together so it wont fall down. The girl has a crown on, the crown is gold. She has curly hair which only nobles would have. She has a tie around her waist that adds to the feel of the dress.

In this picture there is a boy that has on a brownish goldish color and it has lines threw it. He is holding a sword and has a belt around his waist.

In this picture there is a girl who is a peasant. And she has a long dress on her, it is purple and there is kind of like a dress like a little one over that dress that is green. She has black lace that is holding her dress together. She has black shoes that are heels and a crown on that has flowers on it. She is also holding grapes in a bowl in her hand. With small leaves in it too. Her dress also is long sleeves that are white nut her sholders are out so the sleeves are hanging.

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