Effects Of Global Warming

Global Warming is a problem we ignore but don't do anything to fix it. That's why we need to fix it now before it gets out of hand.


Pollution started  in the 1900's during the industrial revolution, when people started inventing cars and more factories were built. During that time the problem of pollution increased, but no one really cared about it. Until the water pollution got very severe it needed attention. The more factories made products the more there was pollution, because the chemicals were being dumped into the water. Near the date 1969, there was an oil spill that killed thousands of marine life, after that, more people noticed it and more factories stopped dumping chemicals and waste in the ocean. Since the factories couldn't dump their chemicals and waste in the ocean, they started burning their chemicals and waste and it started to pollute the air. After that, both the air and water was polluted. A few years later the chemicals used in factories started to get polluted because the water and air that they use was polluted and it made the chemicals toxic. Now we still have pollution, and it still effects global warming and the ozone depletion.

Authors Purpose

The authors purpose was to inform and educate us about pollution and effects of pollution. In the article it tells us how pollution started, what types of pollution and what we keep on doing to support global warming. We effect global warming greatly. We know how global warming effects us, but we don't do anything about it. This article was to educate us about pollution and how it effects us, but it was also to keep out minds going and talk about pollution and hopefully stop it.

Interesting Facts

-Global warming may speed up the flow of methane from groundwater to Arctic Lakes, allowing more toxic greenhouse gas to bubble out into the atmosphere.

-Scientist have known that Arctic lakes emit methane, which comes from the action of microbes in the water.

-Research shows that the methane in groundwater from the seasonal thawing of the "active layer" of soil above, that causes the greenhouse gasses to form.

-Methane that is transported from the active layer in a large amount is said to be important because warming in the Arctic may expand the active layer and increase the discharge, the increased emissions in Arctic lakes effects additional global warming.

-Although carbon dioxide accounts for the vast majority of greenhouse gas emissions from human activities methane emissions are also an important factor driving climate change.

-Methane doesn't last long in the atmosphere but it is much more efficient for trapping carbon dioxide causing more global warming.

-Scientist have tracked methane concentrations concurrently with two naturally occurring element (carbon & radium), they serve as tracers for groundwater.

-The discovery suggest that future warming in the Arctic could expand the active layer and increase methane transport to lakes, and from the lakes to the atmosphere, exacerbating global warming.

Air pollution from factories is increasing and the air is getting more and more polluted. As more people work, the sky gets grayer and grayer like a rainy day. The picture, to me is showing the process of when more factories are built, the more smoke and chemicals go into the air. The pictures shows the factories as it is in the process of polluting the air and how the smoke produced by the factories is also effecting the environment around it. In the picture, it seems as though there is a lot of smoke/ pollution in the air.

Global warming causes climate change which effects the environment and everything in it. As the ice melts water level rises. The arctic is becoming a sea due to climate change. From my eyes it shows how dramatic global warming has gotten. Ice in the arctic is turning into water to the point where animals that live there have no where to go because of the ice melting. In the picture it shows the amount of water compared to the amount of ice, its showing us how much global warming has effected the environment.

Global warming happens all around the world, hence the name GLOBAL Warming.

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