A Free Home for Lice

Lice have a hard time getting around;
Our homes kick us out as soon as we are found.

But I know a place where all lice can be.
It is a place where every lice can live free.

France! A beautiful, wonderful place!
A place where every lice can have space!

The war that they are having in France
Makes it so every lice gets a chance.

The are fighting using trench warfare
Its so chaotic that they don not have time to care.
Since they do not care, we will not be kicked out!
So all homeless lice, start planning your route.

The trenches of World War One
Can be so much fun!
The men stay in trenches all day.
They provide a home with no rent to pay.
The trenches are fun and filthy and wet.
The men who are fighting are covered in sweat.

Trench lice are already there!
They build a home in the soldiers' hair.
They are so lucky, they feed 12 times a day
The trenches are like a gigantic cafe.
Bite marks are red and make a stale sour scent
The lice do not even have to pay rent.
Humans try so hard to burn the lice off
Just because we cause them to cough.
They get trench fever and start to scratch
As we lay our eggs and they begin to hatch.
Pyrrexhia from us causes pains in their shins
Humans feel like their legs are covered with pins.
Next our disease causes high fever,
However, our disease does not kill the receiver.

One of the many diseases in this community
Is trench foot - a bad one for the line of duty.
In waterlogged trenches, soldiers stand for hours.
This is how trench foot gets its power.
The feet get numb and skin turns red
And soon the soldiers are stuck in bed.
With gangrenous feet that the cannot use,
They get amputated and a foot they lose.

So every bug who has no home,
You no longer need to roam.
Come, every lice and every disease,
All of the bugs and all of the fleas.
Come visit a disgusting trench in France:
The place where every lice has a chance!

To learn more about tench warfare in World War I, click here. This will teach you more about what your new lifestyle in the trenches, feeding of soldiers, will be like. Enjoy and good luck on your journey!

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