My Boring Summer

It's about my boring summer.

I love Whodunnit?!!

Whodunnit is a reality show where about 13 people enter the blood curling Rue Manor. They will be there for a couple days solving mysteries on how their fellow "mortals" (what the killer called them) were doing. The trick? The killer was among them. Every night, another person was killed. Sometimes double the mystery. Here is a list of them victims....

  • Sherri Marsh-Killed by a slingshot ball to the spine
  • Dontae Mosbey- Killed by being set on fire then jumping into the pool
  • Adrianna Iwasinski- Killed by being blown up by a planted bomb
  • Don Tabak-He died from Sinonide
  • Ulysses Wilson-Killed by poison on two nails that looked like a snake bite
  • Sasha Horne and Dana Davis Blake-Blood was drained from their bodies
  • Geno Walker-Shot by a silenced gun
  • Ronnie Padron- Killed by Liquid Nitrogen
  • Melina Alves- Killer choked her with a lei
  • Lindsey Anderson-Shot with an arrow in the neck
  • Kam Perez-Winner!!
  • Cris Crotz-She was the killer.

Here is a button to watch the episodes of Season 1.

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