Capital of country: Tokyo

As of 2013 Japan has a population of 127.3 million. Now Japan's population as in 2015 is 126,865,146 people.


Type of Government:
Political System

The study of governmental structures must be approached with great caution, for political systems having the same kind of legal arrangements and using the same type of governmental machinery often function very differently.

Culture / Traditions

Every year in Spring the Japanese people make time to appreciate the beauty of nature as the Cherry trees burst into full bloom and their lovely pink flowers offer a wonderfully appealing sight. People picnic in the Cherry groves, drink tea and Sake and enjoy music in the delightful ambience of the blooming Cherry flowers. The Cherry Blossom festivals at Okinawa and at Matsuyama Castle in Ehime prefecture are the best-known among many flower festivals across Japan. The natural beauty of the Cherry blossom season is celebrated by the Japanese in their art and music, and even in the designs of their traditional clothing, the Kimono.


Japan is an island nation and seafood plays an important role in Japanese cuisine. Rice and fish along with vegetables are eaten by most Japanese. Tofu or soya bean curd is another popular and healthy dish often consumed by the Japanese people.

Shinto & Buddhism

  1. Religion in Japan. Shinto and Buddhism are Japan's two major religions. Shinto is as old as the Japanese culture, while Buddhism was imported from the mainland in the 6th century.

Problems in France

1. Sinking Economy

2. Powerless Government

3. destructive wildlife

Possible Solutions

1. Raise minimum wage, further education for students, and create more jobs.

2. Start re-electing new presidents and people who work in the government.

3. Start farming more crops, more plantation, stop cutting trees, and stop harming nature.

A trip to Japan

I personally would most definitely take a trip to Japan. I would go visit Tokyo. If I go I would love to try new things, such as cropping veggies and rebuilding habitats.

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