BE SAFE!!!!!!!!!

Here's the rules!

10!!! : Know the dangers to sites you use a lot.

9!!!!! :Don’t put out basic personal info. Like name, address, age, or picture’s.

8!!!!! : Never give out passwords even if its just to a friend!

7!!! : NEVER, and I mean NEVER, Meet up with someone you meant online.

6!!!! : DON’T be rude to people

5!!!!! : ALWAYS remember that everyone online isn't who they say who they are.

4!!!!! : Learn about cyber bulling.

3: If something bothers you tell an adult.

2: Don’t steal things from the internet, and pass them off as your own.

1 : Learn how to quickly get off a website in case it has bad things.                                                              These are important because if you follow them you will stay safe. If you don't follow them then you will be in danger. The internet is really fun but can sometimes be dangerous, And no one wants to be in danger! These rules are for kids and adults. Down below there are some good websites with some different rules. Stay safe!   

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