American Express Small Business Saturday

The Small Business Saturday campaign was created in order to help support all the small local businesses in the world, and also in order to influence people to buy their card because they help support these small businesses.

Inspiring People

This video explains how people who own these small businesses in Detroit have flourished with the money that people have spent in these peoples stores and on their products. They use this money to expand their businesses and also helps keep their products that are available for the locals who have helped grow the business up. Therefore people are inspired to use their American Express card to help them spend money on these businesses and help them thrive.

Informing People

The American Express company used this picture to inform everyone who payed attention to this attempt to increase the awareness of Small Business Saturday about the fact that over the course of just a mere three years that so much has occurred and that people have started spending around $5.5 billion in just three years on small businesses is unheard of and amazing.

Influencing People

With such a simple picture, American Express shows so much and has Italy tells someone to make sure that they buy from these small businesses. The main reason they say that is for people to realize that if they shop from small shops around them, then their town will grow and become better then ever before and will make someone's own home a wonderful place and better than it was before.

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